All of our flags come finished with water-based polyurethane.  This offers protection from moisture and humidity changes, but should not be stored long term outside in the direct elements.
We offer free shipping for all purchases over $199. Additionally, we offer local pickup for all orders local to our home office in Fredericksburg, Va. Occasionally, we offer free shipping coupons on certain products.
We donate 20% of all profits from every sale.  On top of that, we designate one mission item each quarter which we donate 100% of profits to a designated charity or organization.
We charge a flat $8 shipping rate for most of our items.  Any orders over $199 qualify for free shipping as well. Local pickup is available for surrounding zip codes local to our workshop.  This can be enabled during the checkout process when you enter your zip code into the address boxes.
There are some required specifications for a product to get approved.  Each product you submit must have:
  • A descriptive, yet concise product title
  • A price
  • A "featured image":  This is an image that is displayed first when customers see your product.
  • Gallery images: These are supplemental images of the product.  The first gallery image is the image used when a customer hovers over your product on the store.
  • Short description:  ~160 character description of the product used for SEO.  Try to include the name of the product in the description.
  • Long Description:  This is used on the product page itself.  Bullet-style lists are encouraged.
  • Category: Pick the 1 most appropriate category for your product.  If none seem applicable, please reach out to us and we can add it if necessary.
  • Shipping:
    • Weight and dimensions of the finished product.
    • Shipping Class should almost always be "Free Shipping $199".  This charges a flat shipping rate of $8, until the order reaches $199, then it ships for free.
    • Processing Time should be set to "3-5 Business Days" unless otherwise approved by us.
  • Attributes:
    • Made In must be filled out with your city and state (ex: Spotsylvania, Virginia)
    • Material also must be filled in.
These are all the required fields when submitting a product for approval.
Our most popular finish is a traditional soak in mineral oil, which soaks into the wood and enriches the natural beauty of the wood grain.  Some products, like our signs, are painted.
Our return and refund policy can be found here.
We offer payment processing through PayPal and all major credit cards.

No one likes waiting for orders to arrive, and we don't blame you!

Most orders ship within 3-5 business days.

After checkout, your order is sent to one of our veteran craftsmen for processing and then sent to your door.

We do.  We research and work with various partners and programs to help decide which program or charity to donate to each quarter.
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