Required Product Specifications

There are some required specifications for a product to get approved.  Each product you submit must have:

  • A descriptive, yet concise product title
  • A price
  • A “featured image”:  This is an image that is displayed first when customers see your product.
  • Gallery images: These are supplemental images of the product.  The first gallery image is the image used when a customer hovers over your product on the store.
  • Short description:  ~160 character description of the product used for SEO.  Try to include the name of the product in the description.
  • Long Description:  This is used on the product page itself.  Bullet-style lists are encouraged.
  • Category: Pick the 1 most appropriate category for your product.  If none seem applicable, please reach out to us and we can add it if necessary.
  • Shipping:
    • Weight and dimensions of the finished product.
    • Shipping Class should almost always be “Free Shipping $199”.  This charges a flat shipping rate of $8, until the order reaches $199, then it ships for free.
    • Processing Time should be set to “3-5 Business Days” unless otherwise approved by us.
  • Attributes:
    • Made In must be filled out with your city and state (ex: Spotsylvania, Virginia)
    • Material also must be filled in.

These are all the required fields when submitting a product for approval.

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