The Mission

The mission

Our mission is to create patriotic and epic pieces of art and decor while giving back to the American heroes that gave so much for us.  We value our Veterans, active duty, first responders, police, firefighters and nurses.  That is why 20% of all our profits for each piece sold goes to a dedicated charity to support them.

As a disabled Marine Corps veteran, with several combat deployments under my belt, I found woodworking a therapeutic escape from the daily struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  It calmed me and allowed me to focus on making something beautiful, rather than destroying it.  Woodworking, along with an excellent support system from the Veteran’s Affairs and my family, has allowed me to prosper where I was once floundering and afforded me the opportunity to give back and help others in the process.

Many fellow Veterans returned home with serious trauma from war. PTSD has drastically changed their lives and far too many have taken their lives battling this force alone. With no VA funding for service animals, many Veterans simply cannot afford the cost of the trained dogs that they need.

With this in mind, we launched Mission Woodwork to fund service and companion animals for these Veterans suffering from PTSD at ZERO cost to them. It is our way of fighting for our heroes here at home. To date, we have raised thousands of dollars and will continue as we march towards our goal of $1 Million raised for Veterans in need.

Buying from Mission Woodwork isn’t a small act – it is intentionally giving back to those who gave so much for us.  Thank you to all of you who have helped us along the way – we couldn’t do this without you.

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Our partners

We have been honored to work alongside of some amazing partners in our mission to help Veterans around the country.  They are just as passionate about helping as we are.  Below, you will find some our our strategic partners who have helped us thus far.


All the profits from purchases made as part of Operation Giveback go to help fund one of our veteran partner programs to connect service and companion animals with Veterans suffering from PTSD at ZERO cost to them.  Buying from Mission Woodwork isn’t a small act – it is intentionally giving back to those who gave so much for us.

How does it work?

Each quarter, we introduce or select from our existing product line, items we designate as the mission items of the quarter.  All profits raised from the sale of these items will be donated to a charity or organization dedicated to helping veterans around the country.

Your mission this quarter:

Raise $2,500 for Leashes of Valor
Money Raised

Current Mission Items

American Made Veteran Owned
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